• A giant step to clean coal technology.
  • For coal-fired power plants and coal mines.
  • Enzyme technology breakdowns complex coal structure and burns coal more efficiently.
  • Reduce coal usage by 5 to 15%.
  • Reduce CO2, SO2, NOx by 20 to 50%.

  • A weapon to fight the H1N1 virus.
  • For hospitals, school, office and homes.
  • Enzyme technology attacks virus in air and surfaces.
  • Safe to human and animals.
  • No environmental pollution.

Founded in 1995, ElectroMed develops, manufactures and markets products in the fields of diabetes and green energy. In the area of green energy, we specialize in enzyme based products which can improve the energy efficiencies of coal, heavy oil, diesel and gasoline. We also have enzyme based products which can improve the performance of water cooling systems. In the area of diabetes, we specialize in glucose monitor, dietary supplements, education and accessories.

ElectroMed is an ISO 9001:2008 company.

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